Review Settings and Customize Your Schedule

Here's an overview of Supertime settings below. Once you have configured Supertime to your liking, remember to Enable Supertime.

Create Your Delivery Methods and Schedules

Use this section to select which dates you want to show your schedule for, and enable the timeslot option to offer timeslots with a specific start and end time, and the specified increments. Note that you can only select end times that are possible based on the provided increment. You will be able to customize your delivery method with additional settings, customized schedules, and timeslots.

How to Edit Your Delivery Method and Schedules

Use this section to customize your delivery method with the right settings that let you show your customers the right dates and timeslots for selection in Supertime.

Blackout Dates

Need to remove a date from selection? Use this feature to remove holidays, time off or specific days in your business.

Customizing the location of Supertime

Supertime works out of the box with many themes and configurations by auto-detecting where to place the widget in your store's cart. If needed, review how to use our custom placement mode.

Text Labels

Customize instructions that you provide to your customers in this section. These are all the text labels will be shown to your customers that can be customized. Supertime auto-translates the rest based on your store's locale.