Add Supertime details to my customer order confirmation email

Do you want to include Supertime details in your customer's order confirmation emails? Supertime supports that!

You can show the selected date, time and delivery method for a customer's order collected through Supertime using Shopify's order attribute tags. Paste the following snippets into your customer notification templates in your Notifications settings:

  • Date: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: format: "basic" }}
  • Time (default - 24 hour time): {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] }}
  • Time (12 hour time or custom time formats):{{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 0,5 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }} - {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 8,12 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }}
  • Delivery Method: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Method"] }}

For more details on how to customize email notifications, review this article.


  1. Visit your Notification Settings.
  2. Click on the Order confirmation email template.

  3. In the Email body (HTML) input box, locate the following lines of code:
    <p><b>Delivery information:</b> {{ delivery_instructions }}</p> 
    {% endif %}
  4. Underneath the {% endif %}, paste the above code snippets that are relevant to you.

  5. Click the save button.