How do Order Limits work?

(Available on Supertime Pro)

For each method, you can set order limits by time slot or order limits by day.

By timeslot: Supertime will make a timeslot within your schedule unavailable once you have reached the order limit (e.g. 10 customers have ordered on a timeslot, and you have set the order limit to 10).

By date: Supertime will remove a date from your available timeslots and dates once you have reached the order limit within a date (e.g. 10 customers have ordered within a date, even if it's spread across timeslots for the date).

We currently count an order towards the order limit after an order is successfully checked out. If there is an available timeslot or date and multiple customers get to your cart at the same time, they can proceed to checkout at the same time. In this situation, it is possible that your order limit will be exceeded.

In addition to order limits from Supertime, it may be helpful to consider tracking inventory or other third-party apps for preventing overselling.