Troubleshooting Steps when the TipGenius Pop-up does not show up in the cart

Possible causes and remedies:

  • TipGenius is not enabled. Ensure that TipGenius is currently enabled in your settings.
  • You have not started your TipGenius subscription. Ensure that you have an active TipGenius subscription or trial.
  • TipGenius cannot detect the Tip Product variant that we have created. You may have modified the Tip product that TipGenius in a way that has removed product detection in the cart (e.g. created a different variant and we can longer add the Tip product). Please review Tip Product troubleshooting steps for next steps.
  • TipGenius cannot detect your theme's checkout button or there are other theme compatibility issues. While TipGenius works with most themes out of the box (we're tested with all the themes that come free with Shopify), you may be have a customized theme where TipGenius is unable to detect your checkout button. Here are some scenarios and recommendations:
    • If this is happening in a cart where there are Ajax-based effects (e.g. animations that refresh your cart as you modify it) and the checkout button is affected, please get in touch and we can look into adding compatibility.
    • If you have a non-standard theme (e.g. a less popular paid theme), please get in touch and we can look into adding compatibility during your trial.
    • If you have a customized theme where you have nonstandard cart elements, ensure that your cart contains a <form action="/cart"> element and that and your checkout button is an <input> or a <button> field with an attribute where name="checkout" within that form.
  • There are third-party applications that are interfering with TipGenius operations. Other Shopify apps can modify the cart checkout button behaviour in a way that can interfere with TipGenius operations. Please review your setup if this is the case, since some apps override the Checkout button so that it does not directly submit the checkout form. This can sometimes happen after you have set up TipGenius and you are adding other cart-based apps.