Getting Started πŸŽ‰

πŸ“£ Do This First

Before you get started planning your routes your should:

  1. Review your Settings
  2. Enter in your Start and End addresses

Now you're ready to create your first route! To do so...

πŸ“¦ Step 1: Select Orders 

Select the orders you wish to route and click the β€œAdd Orders to Route” button.

When you have added all the orders you would like to route to your selection, click the "Create New Route" button.

✏️ Step 2: Review/Edit Route

Confirm your route looks good. You can edit and add custom stops, or drag-and-drop stops to rearrange them.

πŸš— Step 3: Share or Deliver Route

You can share your route with a driver, or head out to do your own deliveries using our mobile-friendly driver view.

Thanks for using EasyRoutes! β€οΈ