Printing Delivery Routes

We understand that sometimes there is nothing better than old school ink and paper to get the job done. Printable delivery routes can be very useful for a number of different reasons and having a physical route may be an important part of your delivery workflow. EasyRoutes has gone the extra mile to make sure all your delivery route printing needs are covered.

After you have created a delivery route, click on the Print button located at the top of your route.


When you click on it you will see a menu where with a list of items to include in your printed delivery route. You can include all the information you need, and exclude the stuff you don’t.

Include Map

Print the same map you see when you generate your route. By default this map is zoomed to the right level to see all your stops.

Include Route

Include the list of stops your driver will be visiting when out performing their deliveries.

Include Order Items

If it is useful, you can include a list of all the items included in each order.

Include Inventory

You can include a summary inventory of all the items that need to be included in the route. This inventory can be used as a packing list to make sure your driver has everything before setting out to make their deliveries.

Include Tags

If you are using Shopify’s Order Tags in a way that it is important for your driver to see them, you can include these on your printed delivery route as well!