Edit Routes and Editing Stops

Entering Edit Mode

To begin editing your route, click on the Edit button in the top right of your list of stops:

When you're in Edit mode, your route should should now have a row of buttons that look like this:

Actions in Edit Mode

- Edit the Start or End Location for your Route: Click on Edit Start/End to edit your start or end location for your route.
- Add a Stop to your Route: Click on Add Stop to add a stop to your route.
- Edit the order of your stops: you can drag each stop to a different order by clicking and dragging your stop on the Drag icon indicator:

- Edit the Address for your Stop: To edit the address for a stop, click on the Pencil icon. 

- Remove a Stop: to remove a stop, click on the Trash can icon.  

Saving your changes

Once you have edited your route, you may want to save it. You can do this by clicking on the "Save" button. You may also discard your changes by clicking on Cancel.

Your route may need to be re-optimized once you've made these changes. You can do this by clicking on Re-optimize. Note that EasyRoutes will then optimize your route based on your latest changes.