Customer notifications

EasyRoutes can notify your customers when items are out for delivery, when their delivery has arrived, or if they missed a delivery.

Currently, we attempt to send a notification using your Shopify Notification templates for the following events - these events are mapped to states that are a part of a fulfilled order. EasyRoutes currently will attempt to fulfill your order for accessing these notifications.

Notification Action Shipping Method Local Delivery
Out for Delivery Start Delivery Route, or "Out for Delivery" under More Actions ✅ (if enabled in your Settings) ✅ (if enabled in your Settings)
Delivered Mark as Delivered
Missed Delivery "Attempted Delivery" under More Actions Does not send email (but you can see this status on your route)

You can skip "Start Delivery Route" by clicking on the "Driver View" button instead and trigger notifications above (e.g. Mark as Delivered) per stop only as you need instead if you want to keep your orders unfulfilled before or during the delivery of your route.

EasyRoutes will also attach an order tracking status link to orders that are fulfilled by our app.

Shipping Method

If you do not use Shopify Local Delivery, then we map to these notifications titled "Shipping" under your Settings -> Notifications

  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered

Note that Out for Delivery and Delivered notifications must be checked and enabled in order for EasyRoutes to send a notification.

If the order was placed with a "standard" shipping method (e.g. a custom shipping method), then we will use the Shipping notifications (i.e,. same ones that a third-party shipper like Fedex / UPS would integrate with to trigger notifications). This also means that "attempted delivery" will only send an email if the order was Local Delivery. There is no Missed Delivery notification template for Shipping.

Local Delivery

If you use Shopify Local Delivery, then we map to these notifications titled "Local Delivery" under your Settings -> Notifications:

  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered
  • Missed delivery

Note that Out for Delivery, Missed Delivered and Delivered notifications must be checked and enabled in order for EasyRoutes to send a notification.

For example, if your store is configured with Shopify Local Delivery. And an order was placed with Local Delivery as the shipping method (i.e,. store has it configured), then we will use the Local Delivery notifications.

Out for Delivery

When you or your driver views a delivery route, they will see a "Start Delivery Route" button at the top-right of their screen.

Clicking this button will update your order status and trigger the Out for Delivery notification email to all the customers in that route and take you to our mobile-friendly driver view.You can set it so that an email is not sent when the "Start Delivery Route" button is clicked. To do so, click on the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Delivery Notification section and select the radio button next to 'Mark all the orders in the route as fulfilled and "Out for Delivery" but do not send all customers an "Out for Delivery" email notification.

The Out for Delivery notification can also be sent individually for each order by marking that order as "Out for delivery".


When the "Mark as Delivered" button is pressed, your order status will be updated and a "Delivered" email is automatically sent to that customer.

Attempted Delivery

Missed Delivery notifications are only available for Local Delivery orders. A Missed Delivery email notification is sent when the order has been marked as "Attempted Delivery".

Viewing what notifications have been triggered

To review what notifications have been triggered for a particular order, review your order's timeline. For more on how to use your Timeline for an order, review this Shopify Help article.

Text / SMS Notifications

For SMS notifications, here's the article in the Shopify Help Centre on the topic. Note: The Out for Delivery and Delivered notifications through Shopify on SMS are only available to orders that are shipping using Shopify's Local Delivery method.

If they originally entered a phone number with their order, then it's already on an SMS notification. If they originally chose email, then your customers can opt in to order tracking with SMS on their order status page, and that's when the SMS notifications are sent: