Can I export my orders or use Google Calendar to view my orders from Supertime?

Want to view your orders in Google Calendar?

You can use Zapier to automatically create an event in your desired calendar whenever you receive a new paid order through a link to this Zap.

Exporting Your Orders

Are you looking to export orders or view your Supertime orders in different places?

Option 1: If you apply filters to your schedule view, we'll give you a quick short-cut to view those filtered orders in your Shopify Orders view. 

Use the filter items text box and search for orders for a particular date, or use the Date filter dropdown to find upcoming orders:

Once you have these orders in your Shopify Orders page. Then you can perform actions like a manual export to access these orders and Supertime metadata externally.

Option 2: Copy and paste into Google Sheets and Excel.

Supertime displays the Schedule view in an easy-to-copy format where you can just select on your browser to copy and paste to manipulate, view or edit the filtered information on your favourite spreadsheet software.