What's New? 🆕

April 16, 2021

We have fixed an issue with our cloud hosting provider that caused intermittent performance issues and delayed response times in short durations when accessing EasyRoutes for some users and we are continuing to monitor this issue.

April 15, 2021

We are monitoring an issue from earlier today with our cloud hosting provider that caused intermittent performance issues and led to delayed response times and timeouts when accessing EasyRoutes for some users.

April 13, 2021

Spring has sprung 🐣 and we've got a fresh update that I'm excited to share with you regarding EasyRoutes, your local delivery routes planner for Shopify.

We've got a whole new updated look at feel and are releasing a much-requested feature: photo proof of delivery!

1) Proof of Delivery

Provide peace of mind with proof of delivery. You or your drivers can attach a photo as well as optional note when dropping off a delivery. The link to this image will be attached to your order in Shopify, and you can even include it in your customer confirmation emails.

2) New Look and Feel

We're taking off the winter coat to reveal our new spring look with an updated colour palette, icons and updates under the hood. Now EasyRoutes fits in with Shopify's backend even more seamlessly.

3) New Plans to help any size business with their deliveries

We've introduced some new pricing plans to help our growing customers level up in smaller increments while gaining new features and functionality. Take our Pro+ plan ($49.99/mo), for example: It gives you all the power or our popular Pro plan (29.99/month) as well as the advanced features of our Growth plans like 📷 photo proof of delivery.

4) Send stops to another route

Now you can take a selection of stops you have in one route and send them directly to another!

March 17, 2021

1) Waze and Apple Maps support

Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze

In Driver View, you can now open up the next stop in your navigation app of choice: Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps (MacOS/iOS only). Just click the “Get Directions” button!

2) Time spent per delivery/stop

Time per stop

You can now specify how much time to spend at each delivery stop. You can specify default a stop time for the entire route, or customize individual stops by clicking the “Edit” button on your route page and clicking the pencil icon next to the stop you would like to edit.

3) Add a custom note to your stop

Need to add some instructions for your delivery driver? Add a note to your stop!

Click the “Edit” button above your list of stops, and click the pencil icon next to the stop your would like to add a note to.

4) Copy to clipboard so your can paste into a spreadsheet

We’ve heard from some users that they would like an easy way to get their route information into a spreadsheet. Now you can just copy and paste!

Click the “Copy” button above your list of stops on your route page, and it will paste all your information neatly into your spreadsheet application of choice (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)

5) Filter orders by excluding tags

Now you can filter your orders by excluding orders with certain tags. When creating a route, click the “More Filters” button on your orders page and look under “Tag Options”.

March 9, 2021

Here's the latest!

1) Driver View updates

Thank you for all the great feedback regarding our mobile-friendly Driver View! We have made a number of improvements to help a variety of workflows. Please keep the feedback coming.

Now you can enter Driver View at any time without having to fulfill your orders and mark them as Out for Delivery first.

If you want to wait to mark orders as Out for Delivery on a stop-by-stop basis, you can now do that under the 'More options' button in Driver View.

Does your workflow rely on Order Attributes and Tags? Now you can display them on your route page and in Driver View as well.

2) Map pins change colour to reflect order status

Track the status of your route! The map pins change colour to reflect whether a stop was delivered or if there was a missed delivery.

3) Inventory shows number of items per order #

To help make your packing more efficient, we've added the number of items per order to the route inventory table.

4) View refunded orders

View refunded and cancelled items within EasyRoutes.

Feb 22, 2021

We’re excited to let you know we’ve made some changes to our plans, and EasyRoutes Pro is getting way better! 🎉

Now with EasyRoutes Pro, you can…

  • …Plan routes up to 150 orders at once (up from 50)
  • …Create routes for 5 vehicles at once (up from 1)
  • …Plan for up to 750 orders a month.
  • …Use new functionality: smart route-splitting + mobile-friendly driver view

Best of all, it’s still $29.99/mo – and we will keep on making EasyRoutes Pro better!

We appreciate your business and wanted to show it! 

We are also adding two new plans to better help businesses of all sizes with their deliveries:

  • a Solo Plan ($9.99/mo) with features to help merchants deliver by themselves
  • a Growth Plan ($99.99/mo) to help businesses with fleets of vehicles.
Do your own deliveries with EasyRoutes Solo

EasyRoutes Solo ($9.99)

Are you just starting out? Doing your own deliveries? EasyRoutes Solo is the right plan for you. It allows you to select your orders, create routes and edit them. And when you’re ready you can head out on the road with our new mobile-friendly driver view and mark your orders as delivered while on the road!

Manage deliveries across your fleet with EasyRoutes Growth

EasyRoutes Growth ($99.99)

EasyRoutes Growth is perfect for thriving delivery business who already have a fleet of drivers. You can create routes with up to 300 orders at once, and automatically split them for up to 10 drivers! The Growth plan also gets early access to our roadmap of awesome features.

Are you just starting out? Doing your own deliveries? EasyRoutes Solo is the right plan for you. It allows you to select your orders, create routes and edit them. And when you’re ready you can head out on the road with our new mobile-friendly driver view and mark your orders as delivered while on the road!

EasyRoutes is growing, and we want you to grow with us.

These plans will help us better support customers like you.

Feb 8, 2021

We’ve made  a ton of new updates! We’ve got loads of new features and functionality to help make your deliveries smoother. And another big update is just around the corner!

Here’s a quick summary of what has changed. You can scroll down for more information about each change.

  • 1) Mobile-friendly Delivery View
  • 2) Customizable Route Page
  • 3) Loads of new Settings
  • 4) Drive distance and time
  • 5) Sync updated order data
  • 6) Order Tag improvements (better search, more visibility)
  • 7) More Printer Options
  • 8) And more

1) Mobile-friendly Delivery

Mobile-friendly delivery view

Check out our new mobile-friendly Delivery View which makes EasyRoutes much more usable while on the road! Delivery View removes any awkward horizontal scrolling. It displays one stop at a time and is designed to put a number of common controls right at your driver’s fingertips: they can open the stop in their navigation app, call or text a customer at the tap of a button, and see the contents of the order they are dropping off. Drivers can also mark the order as delivered, or mark the order as a missed delivery. Just click the Deliver Route button at the top of your routes page to check it out yourself!

Deliver Route Button

Links to routes shared with your drivers also go to Delivery View.

Please test it out and share your feedback!

2) Customizable Route Page

Customizable Route Page

Customize your route page! Now you can show or hide tags, prices, weights, and order items in your route inventory. You can also toggle whether you want to see a list of items in each order or just the number of items.

3) More settings

More settings

We’ve added more settings to help you control your experience within EasyRoutes. Now you can pick your standards and formats (metric/imperial), and you can check the option to always show a list of items on your route page, as oppose to mousing over the number of items to see the list. You can show/hide columns on your routes page (tags, price, weight). and you can now have more fine-grain control over your “Out for Delivery” notifications.

4) Drive distance and time

Drive distance and time

See how long and how far until your next stop! We’ve added drive distance as well as drive time.

5) Sync updated order data

Sync updated order data

Have you updated your Order Notes? Now you can refresh all your data on routes you’ve already created by clicking the “Update order Data” button.

6) Order Tag improvements (better search, more visibility)

We’ve improved the way you can filter your orders using tags, so now you can combine tags for even more fine-grain control over your orders. You can also now see tags on both your orders page and on your routes. And if that wasn’t enough tag stuff, you can also include order tags on your print-outs.

7) More Printer Options

Now you can include Order Tags and Payment Status on your next print-out. You can also hide prices and weights on your Settings pages.

8) And more!

Default filters now include Partially Fulfilled, you can filter for orders using Supertime data, and we’ve also updated our new-user experience. And of course, lots of other small bug fixes and improvements too tiny to mention.

January 1, 2021

Happy new year from Team EasyRoutes!

December 18, 2020

1) Notify customers when orders are out for delivery!

On shared routes, we've added a "Start Delivery Route" button your driver can click before heading out on their route. This will send your customers an email notification letting them know their orders are out for delivery. When the order has been delivered, they can click the Mark as Delivered button next to the stop and an email will be sent to the customer letting them know their order has arrived!

2) Hide the columns you don't need!

We realize the Orders page table can get quite long (lots of horizontal scrolling) and not everybody needs to see the same information. So, we've added a Settings tab where you can customize which columns you would like to see in EasyRoutes.

3) Edit Start/End Locations within a route

Now you can edit your start and end locations within a route, rather than having to generate a whole new one.

4) Print only what you need

Save paper by printing only the information you need.

5) View SKUs in Inventory

Product SKUs are now visible in the inventory tables at the bottom of your generated routes.

December 10, 2020

1) Add orders to existing routes!

Now you can add orders to routes you have previously created. Just select the orders you wish to add on your EasyRoutes Orders page and click the "Add to Existing Route" button!

2) Rename your routes!

Click the pencil icon next to the title of your route to quickly give it a new name!

3) Delivery notifications for your customers!

When orders are marked as delivered, your customers will automatically be sent an email letting them know.

4) Inventory table updates

We've added the order numbers to the items in the Inventory to better help with packing.

5) Order weight information

We've added order weight information to better help those with vehicle capacity issues.