How does Supertime work with my Shipping Rates, Setting Prices, Local Pickup, Local Delivery, or Delivery Methods

Supertime is designed to help you easily collect dates in your cart page, and we do not directly manage your shipping methods. However, it works with many different configurations. If you are using:

  • Shopify's Local Delivery feature, review this help article from Shopify to set up how to filter for postal codes or a distance radius. Review this article for customizing and modifying your local delivery rates (e.g. by distance). 
  • Shopify's Local Pick-up, here is the help documentation from Shopify.
  • Your own shipping rates or a third-party application for managing your shipping methods (e.g. apps that can help with calculating availability and prices based on postal codes, zip codes, zones, distance and radius), here is the help doc for setting up shipping rates for reference. 
    • Note: for the third party rates/apps, you'll need access to Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API. This service costs $20/month, or comes for free with Advanced Shopify. You may need to get in touch with Shopify Support for help for getting access to this.

In general, Supertime also works well with other apps through the use of Tags (under More Filters in the Schedule View). You may use the Schedule View to filter orders by delivery method if your store has a custom workflow where you are processing your orders using Tags: