Edit or Add Supertime Attributes on Orders

For orders with Supertime attributes: You can edit these details under "Additional Details" of your specific order. Be sure to use the same time and date formats as your other orders.

For orders without Supertime attributes: Here are recommended approaches below.

  • For creating new orders with Supertime information: duplicate an existing order with Supertime attributes in it into a Draft Order and you'll be able to start with an order that has Supertime attributes under Additional Details.
  • For adding Supertime attributes to orders without Supertime attributes: here's a Chrome App that can help you manually add attributes in your orders page on Shopify. Be sure to use the exactly same time and date formats as your other orders, as well as the exact and correct attribute names (e.g. Supertime Delivery Date).
  • For other scenarios where you may want to edit the order itself: 
    • Please review this link on the Shopify Help Centre for more on how to edit an order. 
      • Note: that if you are using the local pickup feature, then orders are not editable and you'll need to use the Draft Orders feature to create a new pickup order with the same details.
    • You may want to recreate an order using the Draft Order feature to make any changes where there are changes to the shipping method or rates (link to Shopify Help).