Adding orders or stops from outside Shopify to a route

EasyRoutes supports the addition of orders or stops from outside of your Shopify orders in two ways:

  • Add a Stop: Use the Edit -> Add Stop functionality to add a stop to an existing route using the Edit Route functionality - this is useful for adding breaks, manual orders that are already in your other systems, or other stops that drivers must make on the route.
  • Use a Draft Order: Create a Draft Order in your Shopify admin that you can then route directly in EasyRoutes. This allows you to cross link a draft order with your customer and inventory information as needed. It also helps you continue to process this order with workflows around fulfillment within Shopify.

Adding a Stop to a Route:

  1. Navigate to a Route that you want to add a stop to
  2. Click Edit in your Route: 
  3. Click Add Stop:
  4. Complete the Add Stop Form with a valid address for a stop and press Add:
  5. Your stop will now be added to the bottom of the route.
  6. Optional: you may want to re-order or re-optimize your route once you've added all your new stops.

Steps for Adding a Draft Order to a Route:

  1. Follow these instructions to add a Draft Order in your Shopify admin console.
  2. Ensure you have a valid Shipping Address in your customer's order.
  3. Turn your draft order into an order that's viewable in EasyRoutes by marking your order as paid or pending:
  4. An order will be created that you can then route in EasyRoutes!

Please email us at if you have any questions or feature requests as we make this experience better.