Setting Up Supertime and Getting Started

Welcome to Supertime! Please follow the set up steps below for getting started:

  1. Review settings and customize your schedule. Once saved and enabled, Supertime will be active on your store cart page.
  2. Disable express checkout options. Supertime is a cart-based app. Dynamic checkout or additional payment methods in your cart will bypass Supertime at checkout. Review this article on how to configure your store.
  3. Review your store theme's language settings. Supertime uses this to determine the correct date format for your region. You may also need to customize your store's date format in your liquid templates.
  4. Update your order confirmation screen. Copy and Paste the Supertime code into your order confirmation page template so customers can see their details at checkout.
  5. Update your customer email template. Drop the Supertime code into your email template to send your customers their selected dates and times.
  6. Enable Supertime and perform a test order. Place a test order to make sure you have configured Supertime settings to your needs and are working correctly. And you're done!
  7. (Optional) Do you require date or time info on checkout? You may want to disable the checkout button in your theme until Supertime loads.

Want to further customize Supertime? Review our customization articles. Having trouble? Review our troubleshooting guide.