Route sharing

EasyRoutes makes it simple to share and dispatch delivery routes to your drivers without the need to deal with complicated driver apps. We do this by providing a web link you can text or email to your drivers and they can open this link on their device from the road.

To share a route with your drivers, you just need to click the "Next ยป Share/Deliver Route" button at the top-right of a generated delivery route.

A modal pop-up will appear taking you through the step of fulfilling the orders in your route.

Once fulfilled, click on the "Share Route" tab. Click the "Share Route" button when you are ready to share your route.

The modal will change to show you the link to your shared route.

You can click the "Copy" button to copy the URL to your clipboard. We also provide some buttons to send the link through some common communication channels.

The link is valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours you will need to go through the share modal pop-up again to create a new link.

You can stop sharing at any time by clicking the "Stop Sharing" button.

You can view what is being shared by clicking the "Open Link" button.