Customer Tracking Links

EasyRoutes provides tracking numbers and links your customers can use to keep track of their delivery status. This tracking link is provided when we create a fulfillment on your order.

To turn on tracking links click on the Settings tab:

In your Settings, click on the Tracking tab:

Check the "Include a tracking link when creating fulfillments" checkbox to enable this feature.

There are also some customization options for the tracking page:

  • You can show the scheduled, estimated arrival times, and delivery time, OR show the Out for Delivery, Delivered and Attempted Delivery timestamps on this tracking link only.
  • You can also use rounded delivery time windows, and display how many stops away the customer's order is.
  • You can also included your store logo and make it a link.

You can view any customer's tracking link by clicking on the Actions menu for the stop on the Route Page.

When you Fulfill the orders in your route a tracking number will be included in the Shipping Confirmation email sent to your customers.

When the customer clicks on this link, they will be taken to the tracking page for their order:

Note: The tracking link will be inserted automatically in your default email template, however if you have heavily modified this template you may need to manually insert the link using the following code snippet:

{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size > 0 %}<br>  <p><br>    <br/><br>    {% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 and fulfillment.tracking_company and fulfillment.tracking_url %}<br>      {{ fulfillment.tracking_company }} tracking number: <a href="{{ fulfillment.tracking_url }}">{{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}</a><br>    {% elsif fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 %}<br>      Tracking number: {{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}<br>    {% else %}<br>      Tracking numbers:<br /><br>      {% for tracking_number in fulfillment.tracking_numbers %}<br>        {{ tracking_number }}<br /><br>      {% endfor %}<br>    {% endif %}<br>  </p><br>{% endif %}