Accessing Driver View

Driver View is a mobile-friendly view that puts all the tools you or your driver needs while on the road right at their fingertips. It allows you to navigate your deliveries stop-by-stop.

Accessing Driver View if delivering by yourself

Driver view can be accessed by clicking the "Go to Driver" button at the top of the route you would like to deliver.

If you are delivering by yourself, you can "Start Delivery Route" for a new route using this dialog when you first see your Driver View:

You can access the Mark As... under Actions in the list view in Step 2:

Accessing Driver View through a shared route

If you are viewing a shared route, you can access Driver View by clicking the "Go to Driver View" button.Clicking the "Start Delivery Route" button will also take you to driver view, however it will also update your order status to "Out for Delivery" and will notify your customers according to your notification settings.